Customer Re-tension Program

Merchant Account

Merchant Account related needs like payment advice, FIRC, Monthly statement and Address Change requests.

Terminal Management

Terminal related issue logging, roll request, real time issue resolution tracking, update and rating from merchant.


Convenient 2 way communication on charge back cases, payment on hold, payment not received

Challenges for Banks


Channel - Multiple channel setup for merchant support. Pressure on Phone Banking with increased volume.


Communication - Lack of concrete communication channel with merchant. Outbound call centers are expensive and not that effective..


KYC Updation - Merchants often fail to update their KYC to banks on time. This may result in high risk.


Merchant Retention - the retention of merchant is becoming highly volatile due to competitive market.


Merchant acquisition – Generating leads and acquiring customers is challenging in the current competitive market.


Chargeback cases – long pending chargeback cases generate more friction resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

Challenges for Merchants


Merchant Account related needs like payment advice, FIRC, Monthly statement, Contact details update. Terminal related issue resolution


Down time for POS affects merchant business which leads to dissatisfaction


Real-time status of issue resolution / requests. Merchant is often unaware about the development.


Merchant can reach out to bank only through phone banking which is often time consuming and irritating.


With the fast changing technology and pace, at times merchant is unaware about the new offerings.


Merchants having multiple bank POS often faces challenges in POS maintenance, POS account management.

Customer Retension Program Features

Ticket Generation

‌Merchants can generate ticket related to issues at no effort without calling banks.
Push Notification

‌Banks can update / educate merchant through push notification at zero effort.
New Prospect

‌Merchant World can generate leads for banks. Leads can be new, cross sell or upsell.
Real Time document upload

‌This feature helps merchant to upload documents real-time for critical cases like charge back, payment issue and address update
Automated Reports

‌The backend panel for banks will help generate automated reports to analyze and derive conclusions
Upcoming Features

‌Offer Management, Loyalty Management,  SMS Invoicing

Utility for Banks

Increased Productivity

Seamless two way communication will result in increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

Reduced friction

Merchant being updated all the time will result in less friction and more satisfaction.

Cost Reduction

Diverting merchant calls and automating document upload will help reduce cost.

Merchant Retention

Timely update of issue resolution and more merchant engagement will help in merchant satisfaction & retention.

Merchant Engagement

Merchant World provides a platform for banks to have better merchant engagement

Leverage Technology

With the new age of mobile application, this platform will help bank leverage the same and improve customer relation.

Utility for Merchants

One stop solution

Merchant World is one stop solution for all the financial needs of merchants.

Being Updated

Merchant World helps merchant being updated about his concerns, financial products and services.

Delegate Authority

Merchant World helps the Owner / Promoters to delegate authority for raising requests without fear of any financial loss.

Multiple store management

Merchants can manage their multiple stores from a single application seamlessly.

Time Saving

Merchant World helps to save time by giving a platform to raise requests, concerns and requirements without Call Centre wait time.


Merchant World creates a user- friendly interface keeping in mind the need for all level of merchants