Loyalty on Blockchain

Our Govt Client wanted to provide a great customer experience to its customers and its partners with the help of this proposed system.
There was a requirement for a blockchain-based loyalty program to have secured and fair points

allocation and redemptions at all its touchpoints. Since there were multiple partners involved in this project, the client wanted to use features (Like distributed ledger, encrypted data, hashing mechanism, immutable data, secured transaction, etc.) provided by blockchain technology. 

POC of Proposed System

The proposed system is a Loyalty management system that will be connected to 13 partners of our client, this system will work on Blockchain, we are proposing Blockchain Hyperledger fabric A Linux foundation program, as this is the best-suited solution for the requirement as per our expertise. This blockchain was a permissioned network.

Customer Lifecycle is explained in the following figure 

All 13 partners will be connected through the Blockchain Loyalty system, though they are on the same platform, partners will just share customer details along with their current points. Partners won’t be able to see business statistics of other participating partners

Our client wanted to run this program centrally and have access to the configuration of a loyalty program, on a real-time basis. As per roles and responsibilities required access would be provided to the client's users and their partners. 

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