Loyalty Program

About Merchant World Loyalty

Loyalty Programs are structured marketing strategies designed by merchants to encourage customers to continue to shop at or use the services of business associated with each program. This application is developed for maintaining the detailed records of Customer Transaction,Points earned and burned,etc. This application includes merchant stores and its customers, which lets the customers rewarded for their loyalty. The points collected can be redeemed in the next transactions.

Highlights of Merchant World Loyalty

Merchant World Loyalty is a Comprehensive ONE STOP mobile application for managing  customer loyalty.

Customer Management

Manage customer data with simple application

Customer Engagement

Personalised Communication with your customer for their birthday / Anniversary

Loyalty Management

Reward Your customers by offering them loyalty points/ cash back

Customer Feedback

Get valuable feedback from customer for their life cycle management


No of Merchants


No of Customers


No of Categories

Challenges For Merchant


Difficult to manage manual database of customer.


High customer ‌ Acquisition cost

Current Program

Expensive to build & manage own CUG program

Manual Tracking

Difficult to track customers visit and their business

Brand awareness

Less brand recognition


No micro level business reports at customer level

Platform Features

Next Gen Platform

‌‌Merchant friendly user platform
OTP Secured

‌‌OTP Make it secure for customer to burn /void their points
instant Notification

‌‌Customer instantly get notification of earn/burn transaction
Personalised messages

‌‌Sent Personalised message to customer
Multiple Login

‌Multiple login for multiple users
Automated Reports

‌‌Generate Automated reports to analyse and derive conclusion
Customised feedback

‌Get real -time feedback from your customer
Offer Cash back

‌‌Issue cash back scratch card
Data Management

Get customer data access at fingertips


Pocket Friendly

SAAS based platform makes it value for money

Business Insight

Business Insight throughcustomer visits,feedback,points burned

Repeat Customer

Repeat customer to redeem points

Brand Recognition

Personalised Communication helps brand awareness

Manage Database

Merchant World Loyalty helps to save time by giving a platform to manage customer effectively and productively.

Delegate Authority

Merchant World helps the owner/Promoters to delegate authority and avoid fear of any revenue leak.