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What is maukā

The more a product is bought, the lower price will be. An idea as old as civilization. 
‌With Mauka, we have applied the internet capabilities of demand aggregation to this very fundamental business concept. 
‌The more everyone buys, the lower the price will be for everyone.

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Best price se Better ka mauka!

Benefits to the Seller

Bulk Orders

At the end of each day, The Merchant will receive bulk orders, with all relevant details for order fulfillment via a real-time dashboard.

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Zero Commission

Seller will provide the best price possible (inclusive of GST and courier charges) to Mauka. Mauka will not deduct any commission from the best price given to Mauka.

Money Upon Proof of Delivery

Money is transferred to the Merchant via UPI within 3 days of delivery confirmation by POD. There will be no additional charges for payment transfer.

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How it works?

Best Deal is made Availbele

For any live product, a deal lot is opened at 12 noon. Anyone can place orders for any listed items.

It's about the Best Price

Each lot closes after 24 or 48 hours. Depending on the volume of orders received for a particular item of the lot, the final price of that item gets reduced further 20% to 50% of the MRP

Drop Shipment

Items to be dispatched the next day from order confirmation.

Upfront Payment

When an order is placed, the initial discounted price is collected from the buyer via UPI.

Volume Sales

At the time a slot is closed, additional discount available to all users (based on the volume of goods sold) is determined and confirmed the final reduced price to the customer.

Customer Cashback

Upon delivery, and the confirmation of the the buyer the additional discount (based on the volume of goods sold) is instantly transferred to the buyer via UPI.


best price se better ka mauka!I

Let's Benefit Together

The more everyone buys, the lower the price will be for everyone.