Merchant Eco System

For any #fintech or merchant-oriented payment businesses, the profitability and viability of the business depend upon the value-added services offered by them. Many businesses and #startups have started to understand this but many of them fail to do so.
One of the main reasons behind this is increasing acquisition costs and reducing margins due to recent reforms from RBI.
Merchant is always looking for an alternative when the change of service is very easy to do. Businesses can't even get acquisition costs due to the high churn of the merchants. So finding a value-added service that would help to reduce the churn is something business owners need to do.
Apart from this some businesses also fail to understand the importance of implementing systems for their internal operation too.
Few bucks spent on the system can save a lot of bucks for the business. And a penny saved is a penny earned.
We are sharing this business system and offering canvas, which we have developed at Plada, this has helped us to grow and serve the payment industry.
We are now offering this system and modules as a white label solution. This will definitely work for merchant payment companies to have a better hold on their businesses and reduce merchant churning. #valueaddedservices #paymentindustry

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