Billing Software

Product Management

A comprehensive SKU level product management suit

Group Pricing and costing

Mange groups of customers with different pricing

Flexible Taxes & Charges

Be compliant with statutory requirement. Multiple taxing and charges


Configure Product Level discounts

Sale Return

Manage Sale Return complete or partial

Multiple Payment Mode

Split payment in multiple modes like Cash, Card, Wallets, Cheque

Combo Products/ Service

Create combos and services

Multiple locations

Operate and manage in multiple outlets/ warehouses

Barcode Management

Generate your own barcode and print it

Professional graphs & Reports

Analysis through Graphs & Reports

User Role Management

Manage role of your store staff

Bank Grade Security

Secure database with banking level security

Inventory Module

Supplier Management

A comprehensive supplier management suit

Stock In

Manage your stock in process smoothly

Stock Out

Reject, stock out your products with one click

Stock Transfer

Transfer your stock seamlessly within all your outlets and warehouses

Reorder Flag

Mention your reorder quantity at each outlet

Blooom Module

Blooom Mobile App

Accept orders through Android or iOS mobile application

Social Blooom

Share your products with your customer network

Loyalty Blooom

A Point based World class loyalty program

Marketing Blooom

Connect with Your customers for all Types of communication

Prepaid Blooom

Issue your own Prepaid card without change in the system

Reseller Blooom (Upcoming)

Have your own reseller network to increase your business

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